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Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, February 2019

Blessed solar return, Aquarius!
January 31, 2019, 4:05pm

February may be the shortest month, but it’s still big, especially for you, dear water bearer, as your ruling planet Uranus and Saturn start new journeys and make harmonious connections with other planets.

On February 1, action planet Mars squares off with power planet Pluto, creating an aggressive vice—watch out for fighting and power plays! Mars is all about muscle, but Pluto fights with its brain (pulling strings and such) and as these two square off, we on earth will feel an inner conflict to take action. We’ll have to ask ourselves whether we will fight fair or fight dirty. If you want peace, not war, this could play out as a kinky romp in bed or find you viciously scrubbing your bathroom and kitchen. Control and dominance are themes in the air, and on a deeper level, we are looking for release—whether that release is psychological, sexual, or letting go of a relationship or responsibility.


The energy shifts on February 2, as Venus connects with your ruling planet, Uranus—a wild time is in the air! It’s a fun day to play with exciting fashion and generally try new things. It’s also a wonderful occasion to network as you’ll likely meet some unexpected people. Helpful connections continue to form as communication planet Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter on February 3. Also on February 3, Venus enters Capricorn, which will find you a touch more shy—even more reserved than you usually are—especially when it comes to love and money. You’ll really appreciate your alone time… but some secrets are sure to be shared, too! While a secret kiss (or affair!) could also be in store (perhaps you'll just be pretending that you want alone time when your friends ask you to hang out!), there might be something else you secretly desire.

New moon, new you? You know you’re great just as you are, but you are the sign of invention and a new moon in your sign on February 4 will find you reinventing yourself, your look, and your attitude. This new moon offers you a quiet moment to sit with yourself and rediscover your hopes and wishes; to disconnect from the hectic pace of the outside world and reconnect with your inner truth. Luck is in the air as the sun and generous Jupiter connect on February 7, bringing you exciting social connections. Plenty of talk takes place, too, as chatty Mercury connects with fiery Mars on February 7, and then with Uranus on February 9. Mercury's connection with these two planets will bring surprising news and eureka moments your way—and fast!


On February 10, Mercury enters Pisces and lights up the sector of your chart that rules finances, bringing plenty of news about money your way. But you also need to get serious about budgeting, Aquarius! Mercury in Pisces means plenty of movement around these themes will take place for you, and if you don’t have a firm idea of how you should spend your money (as well as your time and energy!), you might find yourself saying yes (or no) to things without being in touch with yourself. Mercury in Pisces has a very psychic energy—don’t agree to things simply because of the boost this empathetic energy gives you. It’ll leave you feeling unsure of where you end and others begin.

Mars meets your ruling planet, Uranus, on February 13, and they begin a new journey together to smash injustices in our world—and you, dear Aquarius, will find that radical conversations and ideas will manifest. Just watch out for accidents and unexpected tempers: Uranus is chaotic and Mars loves to fight and is always in a rush; running around in a chaotic space can mean you trip over your own feet (or tongue).

On February 14, Mars enters Taurus and ignites the sector of your chart that rules home and family: You may be moving, making big renovations, or, on a more emotional level, you may be feeling the need to be more guarded and tough! Privacy and security are on your mind. People think of you as cool and aloof, but anyone who knows you well enough knows that your living space is usually warm and cozy, filled with plants, sweet treats, and cozy blankets—and with Mars in Taurus, you will not be compromising on any of your comforts!

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Venus mingles with Neptune on February 17, creating a romantic vibe and boosting your intuition and imagination, and exciting risks are taken as the sun connects with Uranus on February 18. Also on February 18, sweet Venus meets serious Saturn—not the coziest energy, but still fab for making plans and commitments! February 18 is also the start of Pisces season, and February 19 marks the full moon (a super moon!) in Virgo, bringing a climax around a highly personal and sensitive issue. Big tears come as you find yourself shedding old skin during this new moon. Facing your fears and the unknown is a theme for you at this time; however, as the moon shines in sensual Virgo, you will find the key to success is connecting with your body—not dissociating or running away. Lean into the shivers that run up your spine during this new moon. This is going to be a big moment for you in your love and sex life as issues around deep intimacy are explored. Finances—especially taxes, debts, and inheritances—also come up for you to consider. Mercury is busy during this full moon, meeting with Neptune to boost your intuition, and connecting with Saturn to encourage maturity in all conversations. A release is taking place; something that used to be important to you just isn’t any more, and something that’s important to a partner becomes illuminated to you.

Communication planet Mercury squares off with Jupiter on February 22, creating a flurry of conversations—watch out for exaggerations! Interesting alliances are formed as Venus meets with Pluto, also on February 22. We’re craving depth, and with so much information whirling in the air, it feels like the key to unlocking a trove that contains everything we desire is within reach. On February 23, helpful information arrives and powerful people who are in the know swoop in as Mercury connects with Pluto. The month wraps up with the sun connecting to Mars on February 27, bringing a boost in energy and confidence. Good luck this month, Aquarius and see you in March!