Virgo, May 2018


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Virgo, May 2018

Uranus is changing signs — get ready.
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Since you’re ruled by communication planet Mercury — which, thank goddess, is not retrograde this month — having the facts is very important to you, little virgin! There are two intense days around communication that you should circle on your calendar early this month: May 7, when Mercury clashes with Pluto, and May 12, when it clashes with Mars.

Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is all about what’s beneath the surface: secrets, hidden resources, occult knowledge. The information that comes your way on May 7 will be juicy as hell. Just be mindful about obsessive or jealousy behavior, and also of people who speak manipulatively. This is an important time to get a second opinion. If someone gives you advice about something, and they happen to also sell the solution to your problems — like a tarot reader who just so happens to have the crystal that can cure your heartache — think twice about buying in.


Reflect on what’s ethical! People will be acting impulsively on May 12, when Mercury squares off with Mars. Someone may blurt something out, catching you off guard. Everyone will be in an agitated mood, so watch out for arguments — Mars loves to fight!

The energy will shift once Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus on May 13: Aries is a fire sign, whereas Taurus has an earthy vibe. The energy will be more grounded, but perhaps less flexible. Mercury in Taurus stands its ground, and isn’t really interested in hearing the other side to a story, being overwhelmed with options, or needing to be agile.

May 15 is a crucial day this month: Not only is there a new moon in Taurus, but Uranus will also enter Taurus today. New moons bring new beginnings, and this one will find you eager to explore new territories now that you’ve managed to handle some difficult transitions in your life. You’ve let go of painful relationships and memories, paid off some debts, and surrendered to transformation — and now you’re ready to learn new things, see new places, and consider new ideas. Travel is likely. If you’re in school, you could be reorienting your focus or beginning a new journey around higher education.

You’ve let go of painful relationships and memories, paid off some debts, and surrendered to transformation — and now you’re ready to learn new things, see new places, and consider new ideas.

Uranus will stay in Taurus until 2026. During this time, you will be exploring some very unusual places and taking on some exciting studies. Uranus is an inventive and rebellious energy — you won’t be interested in doing a summer abroad wherever your grandparents went, or in studying what your parents expected you to study. Uranus is the planet of genius, and the next few years will be very intellectually stimulating for you, Virgo.


Warrior planet Mars enters cool Aquarius on May 16, and will immediately pick a fight with Uranus — expect some big changes to your schedule! Surprises will arrive as you navigate your daily routine. While Mars is in Aquarius, it will energize you to cross the items off your to-do list; as it clashes with Uranus, it will also inspire you to change your habits, even if doing so might seem totally weird or unexpected at first.

Sweet, sexy Venus enters sensitive, nurturing Cancer on May 19, inspiring gentle communication in your life. Cancer is a very intuitive sign, and while you’re very logical, that doesn’t mean you’re not a little psychic, too — now is a wonderful time to connect with that side of your self. On a practical level, this is a great time to flirt with people in your immediate neighborhood — visit a new bar or cafe and scope out people who interest you. Everyone is going to be in a very chatty mood — and this will be especially true when Gemini season starts on May 20.

This won’t just be a great time to mingle with potential romantic interests, either: Networking professionally will also go wonderfully, since Venus rules both love and cash. On top of that, while the Sun is in Gemini, it will be illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. Mercury will join the Sun in Gemini soon after, too — on May 29, to be exact — so expect some negotiations to take place. People will be buzzing about you, Virgo!

Mercury opposes over-the-top Jupiter on May 23, so watch out for exaggerations and for being overwhelmed with too much information or communication at this time. The best way to work with any tense energy today is to compromise. Creative inspiration will flow readily on May 25, when lucky Jupiter connects with dreamy Neptune. This won’t just be a brilliantly inspiring for your artistic work; it’ll also be a lovely time for connecting with your partners, for getting lost in romance and good times. Just watch out for May 26, when Venus opposes taskmaster Saturn, which will find everyone faced with cold, hard reality — and perhaps some insecurities, too. The vibe will move from dreamy to sober real quick.

There’s an emotional full moon in Sagittarius on May 29, which will find you aching to reconnect with your past, your family, your home, and your ancestors. If your desire to build a sturdy foundation in your life has been conflicting with your professional goals, that will come to a head today. If you’ve been ignoring or avoiding an issue in your home, or if you’ve been dragging your feet about setting a boundary, it will demand your attention now. Issues concerning your roommates or landlord will come to a climax. Thinking about moving? You’ll be ready to let go of your ties to your space now. Sagittarius energy is wonderful to tap into if you’re looking to move on from something — visualize yourself as the centaur, aiming its arrow toward wherever it is you want to go next. Feel yourself releasing your pain as you picture yourself releasing the arrow toward your target.

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in June!