Watch This NLL Ref Deliver the Greatest Penalty Call Ever

He's the NHL's Wes McCauley of the lacrosse world.
March 26, 2018, 2:53pm
Screen capture via Colorado Mammoth/Twitter

This lacrosse referee isn't here to waste any fucking time.

During an NLL clash between the Vancouver Stealth and Colorado Mammoth this weekend, an official delivered a blunt but loving message to a couple of dudes who tried to start some shit on his turf.

After a hit and scuffle between two rival combatants, NLL official Todd Labranche, a savage, delivered a top-notch penalty call for the ages, summoning Chris O'Dougherty and Zack Greer to sit for a couple minutes and reflect on their bad decisions.

"These two were clearly having issues with each other and could not restrain themselves, so we're going to give them two minutes to think about what they've done," Labranche articulately explained to the crowd.

He's right, Greer and O'Dougherty were not getting along, that's a fact. Surely those two minutes of reflection will see both men change their ways and shift their attitudes from bitter lacrosse rivals to promoters of safety and love.

And if not, well, society has gained something better, as this holds up as one of the most stellar penalty explanations of all time.

Alongside legendary NHL zebra Wes McCauley's highlight reel of brilliant calls, and Mike Leggo's famous "You can’t do that!" clip, this NLL ref has joined an exclusive, legendary group of funny-ass officials.