Alt-Right Jabroni Chuck Johnson Made a 'Survivor' Audition Tape

He describes himself as "an investigative journalist" and "very good with nature."
February 28, 2018, 5:15pm

It's possible you might have forgotten who Chuck Johnson is. He's the bearded alt-right troll who's propagated several fake news stories that have either been disproven or determined to be completely baseless. He's smeared campus sexual assault victim Emma Sulkowicz and Ferguson police shooting victim Michael Brown. These days he's in a public position as an adviser to Donald Trump, though he's been banned from Twitter—a platform that's welcoming to literal Nazis and white nationalists, including the likes of Richard Spencer.

But now Johnson can add failed Survivor contestant to his résumé, after his audition video for the 36th season of the reality show (and latest grab for attention) surfaced online. In it, he says that people describe him, conversely, as a "people person" and a "troll." He also claims that he's recently been in Hungary trying to report on a corrupt organization of journalists, by which he means to say that he's been obsessed with accusing the defunct site Gawker of tax fraud ever since a writer there implied that he pooped on the floor in college.

Check out the bizarre clip above and catch the new season of Survivor premiering Wednesday on CBS. It will not feature Chuck Johnson.

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