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Amazon executive Roy Price resigns after allegations of sexual harassment

Amazon Studios chief and Hollywood power broker Roy Price has resigned after a series of allegations of sexual harassment.

Price, whose exit was first reported by CNN, is the second major Hollywood mogul accused of sexual misconduct, following the series of blockbuster reports alleging decades of rapes, harassment, and assaults committed by mega-producer Harvey Weinstein.

Amazon independently confirmed Price’s resignation to VICE News.


Price, a powerful Amazon executive, was first accused of sexual harassment by Isa Hackett, an executive producer on the Amazon TV show “The Man in the High Castle,” in July 2015. Hackett told the Hollywood Reporter last week that Price said to her repeatedly that she would “love my dick,” and that he yelled an obscenity in her ear afterwards.

Hackett reported the incident to Amazon, which launched an internal inquiry, but Price was not put on leave until after she went public with her story — almost two months after the incident was described (without identifying Hackett) in a story in the Information.

On Oct. 12 — the same day Hackett went public with her allegations against Price — actor Rose McGowan also tweeted at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that she had informed Price she’d been raped by Weinstein, whose production company has signed deals with Amazon worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But McGowan says Price dismissed her claim, saying that there was no proof.

Within hours, Amazon told VICE News that it had put Price on an indefinite suspension and that it was “reviewing” its deals with The Weinstein Company, which included a $160 million drama with Robert De Niro and a $75 million TV show from Mad Men showrunner Matt Weiner.

Price’s fiancé, the playwright Lila Feinberg, reportedly canceled their wedding after the allegations were made public.

In recent years, Amazon has produced movies and TV shows made by and starring high-profile men accused of sexual abuse, including filmmaker Woody Allen and actor Casey Affleck. This past February, Affleck won an Oscar for his performance in “Manchester by the Sea” — an Amazon Studios film.