Canadian man arrested over fears he might commit an act of terrorism

Khalid Ahmad Ibrahim has been released on a terrorism peace bond, but must wear a GPS tracking device and stay away from ISIS online
December 14, 2016, 6:58pm

Police are pursuing a terrorism-related peace bond against a 39-year-old man from British Columbia, who has since been released from custody under at least 25 bail conditions.

Police believe Khalid Ahmad Ibrahim “did cause fear of terrorism” on December 8, according to court documents obtained by VICE News. A peace bond is not a formal criminal charge, but can allow police to restrict someone’s movement and activities and is easier to obtain than criminal charges. Ibrahim’s case is the 19th time that police have pursued the controversial tool meant to deter terror over the last year.


But as the National Post first reported Wednesday, Ibrahim was also formally charged with uttering threats in July of this year.

Like many others who have been placed on terror-related peace bonds before him, Ibrahim must abide by host of severe bail conditions.

According to Ibrahim’s bail documents that list his 25 conditions, he must wear a GPS tracking device upon request and not access or view any materials produced by a “terrorist group,” including but not limited to that of the Islamic State.

He must surrender his passport and live with his mother at her home in New Westminster while undergoing psychiatric treatment. A phone call to the number listed online for his address was unsuccessful because the number is no longer in service.

The document also states that Ibrahim must not go on the internet or have any contact with three individuals as well as those “who your bail supervisor has determined to be a detriment to your programming, counselling or reintegration into the community.”

Ibrahim’s case bears some similarity to that of Tevis Gonyou-McLean, the 24-year-old Ottawa man who was slapped with a terror-related peace bond application as well as an uttered threat charge back in August.

Since then, Gonyou-McLean has been charged with a number of other criminal offences, including threatening to bomb an Ottawa police station.

Ibrahim is the third person from BC to face a terror-related peace bond, according to a list provided to VICE News from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, of Victoria, are waiting for the outcome of their terrorism-related peace bond applications. The couple had their terrorism criminal charges stayed this summer after a BC judge ruled they had been entrapped by the RCMP.

The effectiveness of peace bonds was called into question this August after Aaron Driver, an Ontario man police feared might participate in terrorism and held under a peace bond, was shot and killed by police before he was about to carry out a terror attack with an explosive. Driver had not been charged with a criminal offence.

Ibrahim’s next court date is scheduled for December 20th.

Khalid Ahmad Ibrahim Bail Conditions

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour
  • Report to bail officer at least two times a week
  • Reside with mother in New Westminster
  • Remain in BC unless court gives permission
  • Carry a copy of bail conditions at all times when not at home
  • Submit to having picture taken upon demand by any peace officer throughout terms of supervision
  • No contact with three individuals
  • Do not possess knives “except for the immediate preparation and consumption of food”
  • Do not carry weapons
  • Do not possess alcohol or any controlled substances except prescriptions
  • Do not possess or consume cannabis
  • Curfew between 6PM and 7AM except with written permission
  • “Maintain yourself in such a condition so that your disorder will not likely cause you to conduct yourself in a manner dangerous to yourself or anyone else”
  • Attend assessments to determine whether you risk to reoffend
  • Attend counselling
  • Provide your doctor with a copy of these bail conditions
  • If you do not consent to medical treatment, report that to bail officer, and report to them no less than 5 days a week
  • Tell bail officer before undertaking volunteer or paid work
  • Report work particulars to bail officer
  • Surrender passport or travel documents
  • Do not possess cell phone with internet access and do not access the internet
  • Permit peace officers to enter home
  • Do not access or view any materials produced by “terrorist group” including ISIS
  • Allow peace officer to examine electronics
  • Wear GPS monitor when requested