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Watch a Mesmerizing Combination of Vogue and Contemporary Dance on 'My House'

On this week's episode of "My House," cast members explore their options outside the ballroom scene.

On this week's new episode of MY HOUSE, cast members contemplate their options and livelihoods outside of the ballroom scene. Sure, ballroom can make your wildest dreams come true, but what happens when you're looking for what's next? Can the success garnered from ballroom translate into everyday life?

This week, we learn that Precious, who has soared from being a spectator to a leading voice of the ballroom scene, is releasing an EP with respected DJ and producer Byrell the Great. And after attending this year's Women's March, Tati is inspired to use her visibility as a trans woman to incorporate activism into her work. Meanwhile, Alex, the newly crowned Legend from the Legendary House of Mugler, struggles with finding his place in the world of dance.

Alex's dance instructor Nigel encourages him to bring his uniqueness to everything that he does, because that's where his strength lies. "Trust the process and just show up every day," he tells Alex in the above teaser. "Do the work, and at the end of the day, make your own shit."

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