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Can't a Guy Just Pee on the Golf Course in Peace?

Padraig Harrington tried to take a piss in the woods during the final round at the Czech Masters and the camera operator was dialed in.
Screen capture via European Tour

The age-old conundrum of what to do when nature calls struck irishman Padraig Harrington at the 11th hole in the final round of the Czech Masters last night and he answered it quite plainly: I am going to pee right behind that tree. But alas, life is not always that simple, there's always a fly in the ointment, or in this case, there's always a voyeuristic camera operator with a possible water sports fetish, uh, in the ointment.


What's particularly brutal about this is that Harrington is basically pleading with the camera person to let him do his business, first mouthing "Go away" and then trying to shoo the camera away before finally shrugging his shoulders as if to say just, like, give me a break, man! No breaks were forthcoming, however, and Harrington had to scamper off in the opposite direction as the broadcast booth just snickered to themselves.

Harrington was battling for the lead all day, but as foretold by the 11th hole drama, he did not finish No. 1. He did finish No, 2, though.