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Hear Another New Nine Inch Nails Track, "This Isn't the Place"

It comes ahead of the new EP 'Add Violence,' coming Friday (July 21).
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

What an extremely haunted few weeks we're having, what with the arrival of not one, but two brand new Nine Inch Nails songs – first last Thursday's "Less Than," and today, this more somber "This Isn't The Place," which you can hear above.

Industrial goth fans can also rejoice in the knowledge that these two new tracks will be joined by three more on Add Violence, a new EP from Trent Reznor and company, this Friday (July 21.) "This Isn't The Place" seems to add another layer to what we can expect from the collection of songs: it's a slow, piano-led track that only introduces vocals about half way through. It's a leap away from the direction they teased with the raging, electronic "Less Than," meaning that the band are likely flexing their creative muscles all over Add Violence.

As I say, enjoy the new song above, and enjoy the very Fight Club-esque 'AMPLIFY CHAOS' visual too.

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