Jorja Smith is a Haunted Hitwoman in Her New "Let Me Down" Video

This kind of feels like a movie condensed into four minutes.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Midlands soul singer, and official BRITs Critics Choice for 2018, Jorja Smith last week released "Let Me Down," a collab with Stormzy. It's very much in Jorja's typical wheelhouse – all big vocals and emotions – and it really does cement her as one of the UK mainstream's best singers. Otherwise, however, it is a little tepid (I'd love her to follow it up with something like "On My Mind," for example, to mix it up) though today's release of an accompanying video does definitely add some edge.


Smith stars herself in the video as a hitwoman (the trenchcoat and wig are a look, to be sure) called upon to kill a dancer. But, plot twist, the dancer is also The Man She Loves – cue lots of furtive looks and snogging – and it's actually very engaging and dramatic. Like, I would watch a film-length version of this, and based on these four minutes, I'm very much here for a Jorja Smith movie role. Watch above, and make sure you get all the way to the end for a Stormzy cameo, kind of like an after-credits sequence in a Marvel flick.

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