CNN Rang in the New Year with a Ton of Weed

Desus and Mero tuned into the coverage from the "Cannabis News Network."
January 3, 2018, 2:54pm

CNN went hard this New Year's Eve. Not only did the news channel turn up with reporters Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin during its nationwide New Year's Eve coverage, but it added another substance to the mix.

To celebrate legal weed in states across the country, CNN sent journalist Randi Kaye to Denver to see how stoners get down on NYE. Donning some pot leaf earrings, the reporter was passed endless joints and bowls during a "cannibus" ride, discovered gas mask bongs, and may have contacted a nice secondhand high at a pot and paint party (since she didn't partake on camera).

To ring in the new year, Desus and Mero tuned into the coverage and wondered if CNN was changing its name to the "Cannabis News Network."

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