Leo, February 2018
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli


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Leo, February 2018

It's a big month for your partnerships, Leo.

What does a Leo love as much as their own reflection? The people in their lives, of course! As self-obsessed as astrologers love to joke that Leos are, you, dear lion, care very much about your partners—and this is going to be a huge month for your partnerships, thanks to the upcoming eclipse on February 15. Let’s take a look at what the stars say about how February will play out for you:

Sweet, sexy, love-and-money planet Venus enters sensitive Water sign Pisces on February 10, illuminating the sex and intimacy sector of your chart. This is an important time to ask for what you want—also, what you are owed. Getting closer to someone emotionally is certainly a theme right now, but so is working out complicated financial issues, like debts, taxes, and inheritances. In your relationships, this is a good occasion to examine how much trust you and your partners have about things like money, as well as intimacy. Questions like, How deep are you willing to let me in? will be in the air.


Pisces is a hugely emotional sign, so you can certainly expect some tears. Some of these tears have been waiting to flow for a long time, so let them out! As communication planet Mercury enters Pisces on February 17, and the Sun follows it on February 18, even more focus will be turned to sensitive issues, and you’ll find yourself processing many profound emotions. You'll also be finding opportunities to heal, let go of the past, and transform. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, and spring is almost here, dear Leo.

The two days this month that have potential to be powerfully healing are February 21, when Venus meets Neptune, and February 25, when Mercury meets Neptune. Neptune’s energy is hugely imaginative, but is also the planet of delusion, so keep your feet firmly planted on the ground as you navigate its fog. It’s a wonderful time for psychic development and spiritual endeavors, but listen to your own gut, not the words of some so-called spiritual person’s social media account.

On February 10, your planetary ruler, the Sun, will square off with Jupiter, making for a big, theatrical atmosphere. The mood is confident—but maybe arrogant, too. Moderation is a word you shouldn’t lose from your vocabulary this month.

Perhaps a soul mate is entering the picture? Or maybe you will say goodbye to someone who needs to not be in your life in anymore. Or both!

You'll take some risks on February 13, when the Sun connects with Uranus, a planet that seeks independence and innovation. You’re itching to break free from what confines you. You are ready for change. This is good… because change is exactly what the eclipse this month has in store for you!

A solar eclipse arrives in Aquarius on February 15. This is a big deal for your relationships, as this mega new moon will be activating the partnership sector of your chart and leading you toward your destiny. (Perhaps a soul mate is entering the picture? Or maybe you will say goodbye to someone who needs to not be in your life in anymore. Or both!) Eclipses have a fated feeling about them, but they also bring big drama, as they reveal things to us we previously couldn’t see.

Fortunately, there will be some harmonious planetary connections during this eclipse: Mercury will connect with Uranus, and Venus with Saturn. A powerful philosophical breakthrough will occur with your partners once communication planet Mercury connects with Uranus, inspiring a-ha moments and encouraging people to think about things in new and unusual ways. Sweet Venus’s connection with the planet of maturity, Saturn, will find people working effectively together to build and plan for the future.

The Sun connects with Saturn on February 25, creating a grounding energy perfect for completing work that requires patience and skill. After a month so busy around partnering, this connection between the Sun and Saturn will find you completing tasks on your own to-do list. Be sure to ask for help if you need it—someone surely owes you a favor, anyway, and this is a solid time to ask for it! Good luck this month, Leo, see you in March!