Watch an Ohio Weatherman Unload on "Bachelorette" Fans

He had the audacity to interrupt their show with severe tornado warnings
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An Ohio weatherman was so done with the internet Monday night.

As severe tornado warnings rocked the city of Dayton, WRGT-TV Meteorologist Jamie Simpson took over the 8 p.m. time slot for local Fox and ABC affiliates to keep viewers posted on the deadly situation approaching.

Trouble was, he was interrupting season 15, episode three of “The Bachelorette,” much to the dismay of fans across the station's affiliates.


“Maaaaaaaaaaan. Who cares. People are trying to watch tv,” wrote one user under the Facebook live stream.

“This is an hour away from Dayton. Missing my show,” wrote another.

“Get the hell out of here!” one particularly blunt man said.

Simpson wasn’t here for it. Twenty minutes into his coverage of the storm, he decided to address the haters head-on.

“No! We are not going back to the show, folks! This is a dangerous situation!” he said. “Our job here is to keep people safe, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

And he had to slam the people accusing him of being a narcissist, countering that the approaching storm was very much a life-or-death situation for many of the residents in the Montgomery County area.

“Some of you complain that this is all about my ego,” he continued, visibly frustrated. “Stop! OK! Just stop right now. It’s not. I’m done with you people, I really am!”

As clips of the fed-up forecaster went viral, people across the country came to his defense online.

“Started following you, from Colorado,” Twitter user @LauraLdbrin wrote. “Thank you for caring about people’s safety in your state! You stated it perfectly.”

“Ohio doesn’t deserve you,” user @RuChiOhu said. “Come to Georgia.”

“Gee, interrupting the Bachelorette to warn people of a Tornado coming!” Twitter user, @evenight2016 said. “What were you thinking Jamie! I'm glad people think their programs are more important than other peoples lives being in danger and being warned to head for cover!”


Even this season’s Bachelorette, “Alabama Hannah” Brown herself, chimed in.

“Lolz too funny,” she wrote in a tweet. “Thanks Dayton, Ohio for the love, but be safe. Naders are no joke.”

Simpson did apologize to viewers shortly after he delivered the dose of reality they clearly needed.

“I’m sorry I did that,” he said. “It just really bothers me that we have people who don’t care about other people’s safety around here, and that’s just ridiculous.”

Indeed, the tornadoes Simpson cautioned about were no laughing matter: The storm system was responsible for more than 55 twisters that wreaked havoc across eight states Monday night, killing at least one person and injuring 130 in Ohio alone.