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'Neon Genesis Evangelion' is Coming to Netflix

You're not ready.

Killer robots and teen soldiers piloting said robots in life or death battles against intergalactic “Angels”: Yup, Netflix is taking us back to twisted Japan, and it’s happening in Spring 2019.

Hideaki Anno’s much celebrated Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995-96)—the disturbed child labour meets the mentally disturbed animation—is coming to the streaming platform worldwide later next year, and it’s coming packaged with the accompanying films, Evangelion: Death (True) 2, and The End of Evangelion.


As the story went: set several years after a catastrophic event, it follows a cryptic organization called Nerv, tasked with fighting against mysterious alien invaders known as Angels. And for some unfortunate reason, the only thing stopping Godzilla-like disasters befalling a city, a group of teenagers are made responsible for piloting giant mechs better known as Evangelion units.

Netflix is picking up one hell of a franchise—often lauded for its heady psychoanalytic themes—to continue its anime hoarding tradition that included the likes of Castlevania, Naruto, Death Note, Aggretsuko, and Devil Crybaby among others.

Have a look at the new trailer above for a sneak peak of the absolute madness that’s about to make its return; set to disturb and confuse a whole generation of watcher. I hope they're ready.

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