We Went to a Food Court Inside a Kmart in Melbourne. It Was… Really Good.

The hearty food that you’ll find on this disguised path through Melbourne’s CBD will keep you coming back for more.
Woman outside of kmart

Picture this: you’re senselessly browsing around Kmart for hours after one too many cones, and you’re tossing up between the $5 DIY crochet kit or the $3.50 lavender and patchouli essential oils you don’t need. All of a sudden, you’re distracted by a rumble that's escaped the depths of your belly, and for the first time in hours, conscious thought enters your mind: It’s time for a good, hard-earned meal. 


Luckily, Kmart Centre on Melbourne’s Bourke St provides an accessible food court, home to affordable, easy, and delicious Malaysian and Cantonese food destined to ease your hunger.

Bridging the bustle of Bourke St and the hustle of Chinatown, Kmart Centre houses restaurants like Grand BBQ and Kowloon Cafe, where you can satiate your taste buds with dishes like congee, duck noodles, or vegetable buns. If you’re looking for a quick place for breakfast, snacks, or lunch on the go, this food court has you covered,

VICE’s Aleksandra Bliszczyk takes us on her snack journey through Kmart Centre, handpicking a fine array of quick bites.

Adele is the Junior Writer & Producer for VICE AU/NZ. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter here.

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