Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, October 2022

Welcome to Libra season, dear Virgo!

The sun is in Venus-ruled Libra, a sign that knows all about the finer things in life, and you, dear Virgo, are focused on themes like money, luxury, your belongings, and security. A lovely gift may come your way as Venus in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries on October 1! Your wealth can grow and an energy of decadence and abundance flows! Though Jupiter is the planet of luck, it’s also the planet of exaggeration and extravagance, so try not to overspend. Moderation is key.


Your ruling planet Mercury ends its retrograde in your sign, Virgo, on October 2: You’re finding your words more easily and generally feeling ready to move forward with plans and discussions. Delays and misunderstandings are finally clearing up. Mercury connects with Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn on October 6, which can find you having a deep and meaningful conversation with a romantic interest or partner. This alignment could mean connecting with a deep well of creative talent within yourself. You may be translating your heart’s passion into a work of art at this time. If you haven’t partied and let loose in a bit, this may also be an exciting moment to do so!

Intriguing invitations may come your way. You might also be thinking back to discussions that took place on August 22 and September 27. Information received then could be relevant again now. Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn on October 8, which may inspire a deeply passionate atmosphere in your love life, or may inspire a profound creative breakthrough! 

The full moon in Aries takes place on October 9, which can find you settling a debt or resolving a lingering issue. Aries is a fire sign that’s all about independence, courage, and new beginnings: Setting yourself free for new adventures could mean tying up loose ends, and this is a powerful full moon to do exactly that! Financial matters can be addressed, and themes like taxes, bills, inheritances, or money you share with partners come to the fore. New information concerning these themes may surface.


Communication about money gets a boost as Mercury reenters Libra after its retrograde on October 10. Mercury in Libra can find you reorganizing your budget or handling paperwork regarding finances. The sun makes a helpful connection with taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius on October 11, and you’re feeling especially productive: Great strides can be made toward completing goals, projects, and items on your to-do list! 

Mars in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces on October 12, which may find you dealing with confusion in your career or relationships. A partner’s laziness might irritate you at this time. If you’re in a relationship (in love, work, or otherwise) with someone who doesn’t believe in you or in themselves, you might find it especially problematic at this time, and feel eager to create a big change. You may feel unsure about the path forward… so don’t rush things! Now is a better time to observe, rather than act. Mercury also opposes Jupiter on this day, which can inspire a friendly and open-minded mood, and big ideas about money are shared—but details may be overlooked, so take your time. This alignment can also find you thinking back to discussions that took place on September 2 and September 18.


A valuable gift may be shared as Venus connects with Saturn on October 14. Solid discussions about expectations and boundaries can take place. You may find that a habit you’ve taken on, like meditation or walking, is especially enjoyable or supportive at this time. The sun connects with Mars on October 17, inspiring strength and courage. This alignment can also find you pushing forward with a project and tackling your to-do list. Your clients and bosses might be especially impressed by how effortless you make things look! If you’re in the public eye, work you’re doing is well received, and recognition or reward arrives as Venus connects with Mars on October 18. In your love life, conversations about shared goals can be explored!

Intense feelings, like envy or greed, are explored as the sun squares off with Pluto on October 19 and Venus squares off with Pluto on October 20. An ego clash or power struggle may arise. A change in plans could arouse control issue issues. Resistance to new ways of thinking might make this an especially challenging time. If you feel like there’s someone in your life who is controlling about your schedule, bossy about how you should spend your time, or generally makes you feel limited, this may be an opportunity to set a firm boundary. Reaching out to someone qualified to mediate or support you as you set these limits may be helpful. Your everyday routine might change in some significant way: Change is hard, but these transformations could find you exploring new opportunities and giving up old, bad habits!


The sun meets Venus on October 22, finding you realizing something important about your values, wealth, or sense of security. Gifts may be exchanged. A special talent of yours is shared! Mercury also connects with Saturn on October 22, inspiring a productive atmosphere that’s fantastic for strategizing and making plans. Saturn ends its retrograde in Aquarius on October 23, finding you getting reorganized and moving forward with a plan, gig, or project. Also on October 23, Venus and the sun enter Scorpio, activating the communication sector of your chart and creating a busy atmosphere in your communications and social life! Venus in Scorpio might mean exchanging flirtatious messages, and it can bode well for the intellectual connection you share with your partners. 

The sun in Scorpio can also find you organizing paperwork or focused on gathering information. You could be reconnecting with your neighbors or exploring where you live if you happen to be someplace new. Scorpio season is a fantastic time to explore your neighborhood and figure out your favorite cafes, parks, and best-kept-secret spots. If you have siblings, you could also be connecting with them at this time.

The solar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on October 25, which can find you learning about something new that totally changes your perspective. You could be undergoing a deep transformation regarding how you communicate. This is a powerful moment for journaling and meditating as the insights can leave a great impact on you, dear Virgo! A breakthrough in communication can take place. Discussions move along at a quick pace as Mercury connects with Mars on October 26: This alignment may find you especially productive at work. Mercury squares off with Pluto on October 27, inspiring a change in plans; control issues may surface if things don’t go according to plan. Flexibility is a highly valuable trait at this time. 

Jupiter leaves Aries and reenters Pisces on October 28, inspiring an expansive energy in your relationships! New partnerships may be beginning, and you and your established partners can deepen your connection. Your partners could be exploring new opportunities or coming out of their shell in some way that’s inspiring and energizing for you. If you’re looking to meet new people, this can also be an exciting moment to do so. The spiritual connection you share with others can deepen at this time. Inspiring, philosophical discussions take place as Mercury enters Scorpio on October 29, facilitating ease around making plans and sharing ideas. Mercury in Scorpio is also great for any research or writing projects you’re working on. 

Mars retrograde begins in Gemini on October 30, marking an important period in your career as you reconsider your goals and reassess your action plan. You might be engaging with the public in some significant way, and asking yourself important questions about what you want your legacy to be. Mars rules themes like anger, passion, drive, and motivation: Approaching all these in healthy, productive ways is a lesson all of us are exploring during this moment. You, dear Virgo, are focused on themes like credit where it’s due, being a great leader, and expressing your ideas to the world. 

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in November!