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Last Week On Noisey: Was Death Grips' Album Leak a Label Stunt?

And are One Direction fans victims of an Illuminati plot?
October 8, 2012, 8:19am

Last week on Noisey, Death Grips kicked things off by upsetting their label, leaking their album NO LOVE DEEP WEB ahead of the release date, complete with album artwork of an erect penis. Soon after, their site was shut down by The Man (or it went down due to bandwidth issues, whutevs). So, were the Grips really flippin' the bird to their label or was it a clever stunt? Decide for yourself.

After all that shit died down, Noisey reporter Joshua Haddow took to the streets to pick the brains of One Direction fans, who, it turns out, are all victims of an Illuminati plot to populate the world with people who think Harry Styles is a kind of sexy Jesus. Then we got to speak to adorable electro artist Dan Deacon about whether he'd rather eat foot calluses or dead pandas, the So So Glos about getting beaten up by Britney Spears' terrifying entourage and Brummy band Peace about meeting new mates on Chat Roulette.


And in the world of Noisey's new music, there was a fresh track from the newly crowned queen of Raider Klan, Phlo Finister, a witchy mixtape exclusive from Tumblr celeb BATHAUS, I stumbled upon the song I want played at my funeral and we all wanted to fuck everyone to Shlohmo's remix of Jeremih. But our extra special gem, was Kitty Pryde's remix video of Marina And The Diamonds "How To Be A Heartbreaker", featuring top secret footage Marina's label thought was too fugly for public viewing. IKR?

OK BYE *mic drop*



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