Anderson .Paak Exposes the Dark Side of Partying in His "Come Down" Video

To be fair, Anderson .Paak concerts usually just make people pass out from how good they are, but this is a different story.
October 31, 2016, 4:33pm

You probably went to your fair share of Halloween parties this weekend and saw lovingly-designed, expertly-curated costumes get vomited on, sometimes by the wearers of said costumes. The new video for Anderson .Paak's "Come Down" is not Halloween-themed, but it does feature ralphing, barfing, people getting carried out unconscious after getting whaled on by bar stools… All things that mark a good, fun, wholesome time for everyone!!!


It's a pretty clever vid, literally illustrating the song's theme of partying hard and deconstructing that one music video you've seen a thousand times where everyone just vibes out to the artist performing live. Paak himself isn't immune to the destructive debauchery by the video's end. It's also partially a visual homage to the painting​ that legends Marvin Gaye and Lil B both used as album art. Watch the "Come Down" video below.

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