Relive the 90s and All Its Negligible 'Speed' Sequels in Your Boy Tony Braxton's New Video "Good (Enough)"

A DVD monster literally haunts this video.
October 20, 2016, 2:16pm

Photo by Justin Broadbent Vancouver rapper and CBC host Shad has taken a different creative approach these days. Under the moniker of Your Boy Tony Braxton, Shad is reveling in the world of nostalgia. On his debut, Adult Contempt, which was released via Arts & Crafts in July, Shad plucked a number of 80s and light rock vibes for his new project. This notion of nostalgia is especially fulfilled on the video of "Good (Enough)" where Shad plays a sentimental video store attendant. The video opens with Shad sitting on a chair softly playing the acoustic guitar before Broken Social Scene alum Brendan Canning appears, looking for a copy of Speed 2. There are other such interactions with customers in the video; the text cleverly pairing up with the lyrics at certain points. People move throughout the store, brushing off incredible classics like Titanic in search for other undecidedly better films. But it's also a lonesome look at a man in a store, ensconced in the past.


"So, this is a song about a man who's just beginning to understand what's behind his loneliness, insecurity, and rage," explains Shad. Citing certain lyrics of the song ("Why am I always alone, even when I'm with someone? 'Cause I'm not looking for someone to love. I'm looking for an enemy. (I'm looking) for the dreams and the people I wasn't good enough for") this feels like a universal sentiment and negotiation anyone could have with their self. Director Justin Broadbent says that the video was inspired in part by his love of somehow deemed guilty pleasures but also that it's okay to really relish in the things that you like. "I wanted to make a video that affirmed it was ok to like things like Speed 2," says Broadbent. "We often get in our heads about our futures or art making and need to take a step back and truly enjoy things for what they are."

Watch the video below:

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