A Year of Lil Wayne: "Get Em"

It’s Thanksgiving week, and we're serving up some of Wayne's chef specials.
November 22, 2016, 10:41pm

Day 64: "Get Em" –  Dedication 2 , 2006

It's Thanksgiving week, which has made me think about eating, which in the context of this blog means I've been thinking about Wayne's love of rapping about eating other rappers. So, in honor of feasting, how much fun is it to hear Wayne pronounce, "It's me, motherfucker, what's better to see?" and then head into this little description of his eating habits:

And when you're greedy like me
ain't nothing better than beef
see I would meet
each one of you niggas in the street
then eat
and pick you little bitches out my teeth

Chow down this week! Preferably not on each other. Don't try eating other rappers at home. It's not safe!

Also not safe: attempting rhymes like Wayne does in the first half of this song, where not only does he rap several tight series of bars but he does it while letting his cadence slur, dripping one bar into the next. As a result, he's chill as he strolls into this part, which makes it sound even more menacing:

Y'all motherfuckers know me
I'm a rider in the side of the south
got the money in the mattress
and the guns in the couch

He repeats the trick here, where the threat and anger is so restrained you could miss it if you weren't paying attention:

Walking that line
with a lot on my mind
I get that money
never dropping a dime
I don't hate, never, not on my time
I'll put that little red dot on your mind
talking that crime
but a lot of 'em lying

Lines like these are another one of Wayne's specialties: He manages to sound ferocious and like he's telling a gigantic joke (the butt of it is still you) at the same time. Which, in fact, he is.

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