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I Interviewed Myself About This Confusing Photo of Gucci Mane and Courtney Love

So many questions.
December 2, 2016, 5:00pm

At 9:45 this morning Gucci Mane, sleepless trap wizard and reincarnated Santa, tweeted as follows:

That there, holding his midriff, is Courtney Love, one-time lead singer and auteur of Hole and widow of Kurt Cobain.

Here's a quick Q&A I've had with myself since seeing this photograph:

Wait, is this real?
Yes, seems so.

What sort of event would bring Gucci Mane and Courtney Love together in one room?
It's Art Basel in Miami Beach; it's a place for rich twenty-somethings to spend their dad's money on MDMA without guilt. Also, there are lots of famous people there.


Is Scott Lipps a real person or is that an Instagram pseudonym like denimdick420?
He's real! He's the CEO of a management company called One Management. He also used to play the drums in a band called Black Cherry which featured Paul Black from L.A. Guns.

Why does Gucci Mane look so happy?
He is Santa. It's the joy of giving.

Why is Courtney Love holding him so tightly?
Remember when you met Santa at the mall when you were 6? Hugging is the cultural norm for greeting Santa.

Has Gucci Mane ever listened to Celebrity Skin?
I doubt it, but then I think about the fact that Malcolm Gladwell is Gucci's favorite author and realize that I have absolutely no compass to help me with Gucci Mane's tastes. For all I know, the man sits at home thrashing "Malibu" out on an old Spanish guitar every night.

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