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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, polls show Sanders is creeping ahead of Clinton in Illinois, Russia withdraws from Syria, Mother Teresa will be made a saint, and more.

US News

Sanders Could Quash Clinton in her Illinois Home State
Voters in five states head to the polls today in a crucial day for presidential primaries. Hillary Clinton is trying to fend off a surprise victory for Bernie Sanders in her home state of Illinois, where polls show he has drawn close. One CBS News/YouGov poll shows Sanders with a 2 percent lead. —USA Today

Google Pushes Congress to Back Self-Driving Cars
Executives behind Google's self-driving car program will appear before a Senate Commerce Committee today in a bid to persuade lawmakers to allow fully-autonomous vehicles on the road. Google does not want changes to safety rules to become a state-by-state process. —TIME


NFL Admits CTE Risk
The NFL's senior vice president for health and safety, Jeff Miller, has acknowledged the connection between concussions sustained by football players and the brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It's the first time a league official has accepted a direct link. —The Los Angeles Times

Chicago Man Shot by Police After Drug Shootout
One man was fatally shot and three Chicago police officers injured after officers responded to complaint about narcotics in the area on Monday night. When one man began shooting at officers, at least one officer returned fire and shot him dead, according to police. —Chicago Tribune

International News

Russians Withdraw from Syria
The first Russian planes have begun leaving Syria, after President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that his country would be withdrawing from the war there. Western officials said it could help Syria's government engage in peace talks, which are now entering a second day. —BBC News

Myanmar Gets New President
Htin Kyaw has been elected the country's president by Myanmar's new parliament, the county's first civilian leader in 50 years. Kyaw is a close ally of Aung San Suu Kyi, who is barred from the post but is expected to lead the country anyway through Kyaw. —AP

Turkey Strikes Kurds in Iraq
Strikes by Turkey's air force in northern Iraq are believed to have killed 45 Kurdistan Workers Party militants, the armed forces said in a statement this morning. The strikes were retaliation for Sunday's bombing in Ankara, and were reported as the first funerals held for the victims. —Reuters


Breivik Makes Nazi Salute in Court
Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik raised his arm in a Nazi salute as he arrived for the first day of a lawsuit against the government. Breivik is accusing the state of human rights violations for holding him in isolation, and his case is being heard in the prison gym hall. —Sky News

Everything Else

Pope to Declare Mother Teresa a Saint
Pope Francis will sign a decree today for the canonization of Mother Teresa, and announce the date and venue for the Albanian nun's sainthood ceremony. Four other candidates for sainthood are also being considered. —The Guardian

Radiohead Announces US Shows
Radiohead has announced its first US live shows in four years. The band will play New York's Madison Square Garden in July and at Los Angeles's Shrine Auditorium in August, part of a tour for its ninth album, expected this year. —Rolling Stone

New York City Schools to Give Out Free Tampons
Deminine hygiene products will be dispensed for free in bathrooms at 25 public schools in low-income neighborhoods in the city. A pilot program showed attendance increased among female students and fewer asked to be excused from class. —Buzzfeed

Man Pledges to Give Away a Million Weed Seeds
British Columbia weed activist and former New Democratic Party candidate Dana Larsen has promised to send free weed seeds to any Canadian willing to openly grow their own cannabis garden. —VICE

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