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​Which State’s Price-Related Googling Is the Saddest?

A map supposedly showing what each state searches the cost of the most is making the rounds online, and some of the results will make you go, "Oh, no. That's bad."
Image via Fixr

You can tell a lot about a person by what they aspire to own, or badly need to buy. That could have been the impetus behind a map that's making the internet rounds today—it's a graphic that ostensibly answers the question " What cost is each state obsessed with?" by testing how Google autocompleted the phrase "How much does *blank* cost in [NAME OF STATE]?"

It was produced by a company called Fixr and like most easily sharable maps of this type, it's suspect in a lot of ways—for one, the data seems to have been gathered by looking at how the search engine autocompleted "How much does *blank* cost in [NAME OF STATE'S CAPITAL CITY]?"—but if we can pretend that it does correspond to reality in some way, Jesus, some of these most-searched terms are really tragic. But how tragic are they, and which is the saddest? Well, here's your answer, in list form, from "eh" to "genuinely appaling":


Not Sad:

50. Massachusetts: The T
49. New Mexico: Commercial driver's license
48. Rhode Island: State ID
47 and 46. New Hampshire, Washington: Passport
45. Kansas : Marriage license
44. Montana : Fishing license
43 and 42. New York, Colorado: Weed
41 and 40. Wyoming, Nebraska: Beer
39. Vermont: Cord of wood
38, 37, and 36. Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Michigan: Liquor license
35 and 34. Minnesota, Georgia: Taxi
33. Utah: Speeding ticket

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32. Illinois: Daycare
31. Texas: Nanny
30. Missouri: Build a house
29. Maine: State inspection
28. Wisconsin: Electricity
27. West Virginia: Drill a well
26. Hawaii: Gas

OK, That's Bad:

25 and 24. Arizona, South Dakota: Vasectomy
23. North Carolina: Nose job
22. Iowa: Botox
21 and 20. California, Virginia: Facelift
19. Idaho: Liposuction
18 and 17. Indiana, Arkansas: Breast implants
16. Oklahoma: Breast lift
15. Ohio: Private investigator
14 and 13. Connecticut, Nevada: Prostitute

Oh No:

12 and 11. Mississippi, Tennessee: DNA test
10. Alaska: Gallon of milk
9. North Dakota: A minor (We assume this refers to the cost of raising a child, though it's unclear.)
8 and 7. Alabama, Florida: Abortion
6 and 5: Delaware, Maryland: DUI
4. Oregon: Water
3. Louisiana: Succession
2. Kentucky: Adopt a child
1. New Jersey: Funeral

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