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Style Rider: LANY Needs Checkerboard Vans and Earplugs

Gum. Is. Confidence.

Photo via LANY on Facebook

Dream pop band LANY knows how to survive on the road. The trio—comprised of Paul Klein, Jake Goss, and Les Priest—formed following Goss and Priest’s project WRLDS. LANY is the perfect combination of pop and R&B, and if you’re a fan of The 1975, you’ll certainly be a fan of these guys.

We caught up with lead singer Paul Klein to fill us in on what he needs when the band is on the road. You can catch the guys on tour here.



Jewelry is the unsung hero of fashion. I never take these two necklaces off. One is a rose from my sister and the other is a piece that represents integrity and means "always the same." A girl that I really like gave it to me.


I try to keep disposable cameras close. I have a few laying around my house, I have one in the center console of my car, and I always bring one on tour. A good film image is hard to beat.


Scroll down my Instagram and you'll see somewhere in 2013 a photo of checkerboard vans. I'm pretty sure my caption was "it's about time these made a comeback." Well, I was right. Sorry not sorry for being three years ahead.


A wise man once told me, "gum is confidence." I've yet to hear or find anything more true. Not only is fresh breath a gift from God, but you literally just look better chewing gum. So, Orbit. Peppermint flavor.


On tour, sleep becomes a thing you fight for. You begin to bargain with yourself and decide what you'd give up or where you'd compromise for an extra 30 minutes of rest. And there is nothing worse than someone or something robbing you of your hard-earned peace and quiet. That's where earplugs come in, and they are currently saving my life.

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