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Listen to a Track From Warthog’s Ripping New EP of Agitated and Furious Hardcore Punk

The New York band ask a question on their raging new track "Culture?".
August 4, 2016, 1:50am

New York punks Warthog have been throwing some questions around. A recent promo tape was called Are You a Functioning Human In a Functioning World?, and a track from their forthcoming EP on Beach Impediment records is titled “Culture?”. You could say that the two question go hand in hand. You could also say that the band spit fire on this blast of early 80s USHC mixed with the kind of twisted stuff coming out of Japan in the 90s.


The new record follows on from a couple of EPs on labels such as Iron Lung and Kartorga Works and is hotly anticipated by fans of lurching and wide eyed hardcore punk.

Warthog’s self-titled EP will be available soon through Beach Impediment Records.