This story is over 5 years old.


Victor Enrich Beats Up Buildings

Victor bends buildings over, plonks them down, and completely flips them over in his outlandish images.

A few weeks back The Creators Project posted about Filip Dujardin’s digitally manipulated buildings, which gave structures found in and around Ghent, Belgium an Escherian spin. Since then they’ve come across another photographer, Victor Enrich, who likes to bend reality by turning architecture into surreal playgrounds. His fictional buildings are sometimes reminiscent of Frank Gehry‘s iconic, yet controversial, designs. Where Filip Dujardin’s manipulations were subtle and implausible, Enrich's images are far more outlandish. Buildings get bent over like a concertina or plonked down on a beach, stairways lead off into the sky, high-rise apartments grow bull horns, and houses get completely tipped over with their roofs sitting at ground level.

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