Dag’s Video Features a Certain Suburban Poeticism (and The Band Dressed as Brick Walls)

The band let their guard down to partake in some absurdist fun.
December 7, 2016, 3:28am

Dag have been lurking around for three years, singing about the sad and sweet bits that come with isolation, whether that be stuck in the middle of the crowd or on the outskirts of town.

For two of those three years, the band, led by Dusty Anastassiou, have been busy recording their new album, Benefits of Solitude. The project has brought together familiar faces from Australia's broader music scene, like Matt Ford (Thigh Master, Per Purpose) on drums, Skye McNicol (Bent, Wardenburger) on violin, special guests Heidi Cutlack (Bent) and Henry Mills (Old Growth Cola), and Sewers' Josh Watson lending a helping hand on both bass and mixing. So goes the nature of the local music scene—it's a small world out there.

Today the band premieres their new single "Guards Down", which rides on the backs of 80s Australian indie bands with gently shivering violins and charming back-and-forth vocals. There's a suburban poeticism to the whole thing, and the single's video, a mix of stop-motion animation and shaky footage of the band costumed as brick walls, encompasses that. Whether it be fenced-off nuclear power plants or the cardboard cronies frolicking in a field of flowers, there's an unsettling absurdism folded into these scenes before us too.

But this is Dag's own little world, a world of vulnerability and earnestness. Let your guard down and watch below.

'Guards Down' is available now on Bedroom Suck records