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Skrillex Will Feature on Incubus' New Album

Jack Ü may be on hold, but Skrillex clearly has other collaborations up his sleeve.
Photo of Skrillex by Jason Nocito

Instead of cutting his ties with rock culture now that he's a hugely successful electronic musician, OWSLA head honcho Skrillex has openly embraced and reconnected with his roots in recent times. On his birthday in January the artist reunited with his old emo band From First For Last for a new single, and last year he opened for Guns N' Roses for a date on their reunion tour.

There were even rumors that Skrillex had connected with Incubus to record a song for their new album, and now they have been confirmed by Billboard. While we can only speculate what the track might sound like, we do know that California rock radio station KROQ's music director has heard the song and described it as "fricking fantastic!" in an interview with

Incubus guitarist and co-founder Michael Einziger posted a couple photos of himself with Skrillex on Twitter back in January, teasing what for many is nothing short of a dream collaboration.

Diplo recently said that his collaborative EDM project with Skrillex, Jack Ü, is on hold while he focuses on Major Lazer.

KROQ will premiere the new Incubus album's first single "Nimble Bastard" on February 16.

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