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Boiler Room is Cracking Down on Sexism and Bullying After Comment Section Gets Nasty

“We can’t allow straight-up vile transphobic, misogynistic, racist things to carry on.”
June 30, 2016, 8:48pm
Photo via Daily Motion

The comment section on Boiler Room's website is usually a place where online viewers rant about the lack of dancing or extraneous smartphone usage, but things took a particularly nasty turn this week.

As FACT reported, viewers unhappy with yesterday's (June 29) performance from female Glaswegian DJ Nightwave began filling up with comments section with harsh, sexist remarks directed at her. The night before, Russian DJ Toxe was subject to even worse behavior, to the point where Boiler Room host and programmer Gabriel Szatan described it as "verging on revenge porn."

Though Nightwave took the unwarranted criticism in her stride by joking about it on Twitter, Szatan and the Boiler Room team had a hardline response to the situation: "Talking smack on genres or tech is whatever, lame but part for the course. Misogyny / transphobia / racism / anything else personal is 10000% unacceptable," they wrote on Twitter. "We can't exist without the internet & (sadly) the internet can't exist seem to exists without vile cowardly dickheads. But we're moving quickly to address this… this kind of chatroom shit disgusts us."

Speaking with FACT, Szatan said that Boiler Room had actually considered taking action earlier this year with an equality initiative, in which they balance out their bookings with more women, but feared they wouldn't live up to it or be accused of band-wagoning the issue at hand. Boiler Room's Twitter indicated that they plan to hire moderators to police the comment section.

"Now it's our time to stomp that shit out," Szatan said. "Obviously people are going to see this and double down on being a dickhead because of it. But that's our problem and we're going to tackle it."