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Is This Really the Worst Boiler Room of All Time?

The internet has spoken.

Calling anything bad is loaded with problems. Ranking things from best to worst is in some regards a fool's errand. You are going to piss people off whatever you do and most of the time you will likely want to change your mind with every passing day. Yet, this challenge is exactly what a plucky group on Reddit have decided to take on. In the past couple of days this thread has been alive with the fervent hum of internet debate and online discourse as they have attempted to discern which is the worst Boiler Room ever recorded.


After much deliberation, they have landed on Anklepants live set from Berlin last year. The penis-faced keyboard basher takes in everything from vocal effects, murky synth experimentation, and slightly aggressive audience encouragement—all dressed like a minor character from the David Bowie starring Labyrinth. As far as the judges on Reddit are concerned, the whole thing is a hot mess. Have a watch below and make your own mind up. Not sure who is the biggest dickhead in this situation to be honest.

It certainly is "interesting," but is it possibly a bit of an obvious choice? I mean, yes, it is spectacularly bizarre, and does ring of that "lol this is so random" type of electronic experimentation that is often a lot less surreal, and a lot more boring, than it would like to think it is. Yet, for all the oddities, the scrotal Elephant man does nail whatever it is he is going for. Surely there are Boiler Rooms that feature more clangs than this one? Or is a fumbled mix excusable now, provided you aren't shooting jizz out of your nostrils?

Anklepants, real name Reecard Farché, did take to Facebook to defend the decision, stating: "THANK FUCK they say IM THE WORST AT BEING COOL

 really need to prioritise and start selling fucking hats clothing and other treasures from mcdonalds happy meals, really annoying how my shows keep selling out SPREAD the word and HATé the


We're not sure, and we're probably not the people to ask. We are far happier dwelling on the positives and when it comes to that we definitely know which our favourite Boiler Rooms are.