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Richie Hawtin Created a Sound Installation for a Photography Exhibition in New York

The pioneering producer made a soundtrack to the work of German artist Andreas Gursky.
Richie Hawtin and Andreas Gursky, by Johannes Kraemer via the Gagosian website

Minus label head and Detroit techno second-waver Richie Hawtin is putting his music on display for the fine art world. As the New York Times reports, Hawtin has created an electronic sound installation to accompany a photography exhibition featuring the work of German artist Andreas Gursky.

The exhibition, "Not Abstract II," will be held at Gagosian Gallery in New York, in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, starting next Thursday on November 10, and will run through December 23. "Not Abstract II" will feature Gursky working on his signature exaggerated scales, including photos of rows of packages in an Amazon warehouse; tulip fields; and shelves of coffeemakers, vacuum cleaners, and irons.

A sample of Hawtin's ambient and brooding soundtrack for the exhibition is available for listening on the Gagosian website.

This isn't the first time Hawtin has been at the intersection of electronic music and fine art. In 2012, he performed as part of Anish Kapoor's "Leviathan" installation at the Grand Palais in Paris, and in 2013, he became the first DJ to perform live inside New York's Guggenheim Museum.

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