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Adding Lasers to Dinosaur Art Is Paleontological Brilliance

Lasers find a way.
August 16, 2015, 10:19pm

This past Monday, paleontologist and paleoartist Mark Witton shared this innocuous drawing of a group of laser-eyed sauropods on Twitter.

@TetZoo @MikeTaylor Fighting sauropods and #paleoart from me, you say? These concepts have met before…
— Mark Witton (@MarkWitton) August 10, 2015

What began as an inside joke among colleagues soon became an online sensation, which has raged all week under the hashtag #AddLasersToPaleoart. From terror birds to pterosaurs, dozens of species were reimagined with laser-shooting prowess, proving that the Internet will eventually find a way to add lasers to pretty much anything (see: laser cats; laser sharks).


That said, #AddLasersToPaleoart has a particular aesthetic charm that cannot be denied, so scroll on for a roundup of the week's best efforts in the burgeoning field of laser-based paleoart.

I couldn't resist joining in! @tattoosandbones @MarkWitton @RealSparklePony @TetZoo @MikeTaylor #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Jack Mayer Wood (@TheWoodParable) August 10, 2015

.@TheWoodParable @tattoosandbones @MarkWitton @TetZoo @MikeTaylor #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Peter Huestis (@RealSparklePony) August 10, 2015

My contribution to #AddLasersToPaleoart, because this is a very important hashtag.
— Emily Willoughby (@eawilloughby) August 10, 2015

— Sir Peter O'Saur (@paleofreak) August 10, 2015

My contribution to #AddLasersToPaleoart: Power-puking Brachiosaurus destroys puny theropod with its secret weapon.
— Anthony J. Martin (@Ichnologist) August 10, 2015

All flee before Lasergorgosaurus #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Alex Lovegrove (@SkyOzzy) August 10, 2015

Because Internet! #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Chris Masna (@ChrisMasnaOk) August 10, 2015

Little did Deinosuchus know that Monoclonius is Greek for "Freakin' Lasers for Eyes!" #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Josh Cotton (@thedoodlingdino) August 10, 2015


Now, that's a proper terror bird. (.gif) #AddLaserstoPaleoart
— Chris Masna (@ChrisMasnaOk) August 10, 2015

Why should vertebrates have all the fun? #AddLaserstoPaleoart
— Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. (@TomHoltzPaleo) August 11, 2015

During the Early Cretaceous, laser eye searchlights helped Dilong find its prey at night #addlaserstopaleoart
— Alex Lovegrove (@SkyOzzy) August 11, 2015

I decided to take #AddLasersToPaleoart in a slightly different direction. Because toys are art too!
— Talcott Starr (@talcotts) August 11, 2015

Don't have many good pieces to do this with but here's last year's Deinonychus GIF with LASERS #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Angela R. Connor (@Amaruuk) August 11, 2015

Found another I could use, laser Yi! #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Angela R. Connor (@Amaruuk) August 11, 2015

Saber-toothed cats actually used their canines to store and release energy blasts. #AddLasersToPaleoArt @TetZoo
— Uncivilized Elk (@UncivilizedElk) August 12, 2015

The most important Twitter hashtag of our lifetimes: #AddLasersToPaleoArt.
— Vanderleun (@Van_der_Leun) August 16, 2015

Oh yeah, #addlaserstopaleoart (original:
— David Orr (@anatotitan) August 14, 2015


Я должен в этом поучаствовать #AddLasersToPaleoArt
— 2khaz (@sirkhakha) August 14, 2015

#AddLaserstoPaleoart is best when it's a) your own art, or b) you credit/tag the original artist.
— Glendon Mellow (@FlyingTrilobite) August 14, 2015

Hupehsuchians were bizarre marine reptile from the Triassic with stunning adaptations #AddLasersToPaleoArt
— Carlos de Miguel (@Carlosdino88) August 14, 2015

Of course, this is the real reason that moa went extinct… #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Jamie Wood (@larusnz) August 13, 2015

Take this, inferior mollusc ! PEW PEW ! #AddLaserstoPaleoart #Titanosaur #Angeac-Charente (drawing : @PLavaud_Mazan)
— C Peyre de Fabrègues (@ClairePdF) August 13, 2015

Pterano-lasers - the real reason for all those volcanoes. Fortunately T rex fights back. #AddLasersToPaleoart
— swordznsorcery (@swordznsorcery) August 13, 2015

I had to add lasers to this … err… thing… I feel that now is more scientifically accurate #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Ezequiel Vera (@ezequielvera) August 13, 2015

Только зарегался, а уже картиночки заливаю #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Archibald Minasian (@nika_arthurka) August 12, 2015

Now we know how they all died… #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Sandy Kilpatrick (@SandyK1LL) August 12, 2015


Quick & dirty job on a phone but I couldn't resist. Laser Synapsids ftw @TetZoo #AddLasersToPaleoart
— kamorra terrone (@kamorra) August 12, 2015

Did not think it was possible but I improved the thagomizer. #AddLasersToPaleoArt
— Jim Miller (@FlashMapper) August 12, 2015

#Concavenator shows #Pelecanimimus and #Europejara who rules in #LasHoyas. But it's not easy!!! #AddLaserstoPaleoart
— Iván Narváez (@inarvaezpadilla) August 12, 2015

Gracias Twitter por estas cosas; #AddLasersToPaleoart
— GonzaloAresVillafañe (@GonziAV) August 12, 2015

Photo: Ok, I couldn't resist, here is my contribution to #AddLasersToPaleoArt on Twitter.
— Bob Nicholls (@Paleocreations) August 12, 2015

El último del día porque sino cagamos #AddLaserstoPaleoart
— RevistaVelociraptors (@RVelociraptors) August 12, 2015

"Interspecific grooming my ass! shooo! shooo!" Argentinosaurus vs pterosaurs #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Ezequiel Vera (@ezequielvera) August 12, 2015

.@ezequielvera nos pegó el vicio y ahora no podemos parar #AddLaserstoPaleoart
— RevistaVelociraptors (@RVelociraptors) August 12, 2015

#AddLasersToPaleoart is the hashtag we deserved.
— 滝澤 政道 (@actual_seidou) August 12, 2015


For today's #AddLasersToPaleoArt, here's the Eocene fish Notogoneus making trail on lake bottom & firing lasers. 1/2
— Anthony J. Martin (@Ichnologist) August 12, 2015

So, I found this hashtag earlier today and decided to contribute because why the heck not? #AddLasersToPaleoart
— ivani (@naomiivani) August 12, 2015

Buitreraptor showing us his laser-guided fishing skills #addlaserstopaleoart
— Lauren (@Shichahn) August 12, 2015

#AddLasersToPaleoart for more awesomeness.
— Noah Williams (@noah_anyname) August 12, 2015

I hope this trend never dies. I'm just starting to get good at this! :D #AddLasersToPaleoart
— Noah Williams (@noah_anyname) August 12, 2015

#AddLasersToPaleoart makes your fav kids movie even better!
— Patricia Fancher (@trish_fancher) August 11, 2015

What deserves the laser treatment next?