Bills Fan Catches Fire after Jumping on Burning Table

Ah, Bills fans.
January 3, 2016, 6:05pm

— boxxa (@boxxa) January 3, 2016

Ah, Bills fans. We've covered Bills fans' antics in our Dispatches from the Ralph series, but it appears the good people of Buffalo have saved the best for last. Here we have a burning table—like all burning tables, just begging to be jumped on—and one brave man who saw an opportunity and took it. He jumped on that table to the delight of his fellow revelers and when he got off the burning pile, his back was on fire. It took some time for him to notice maybe, but when he did, he did what any reasonable person in a similar situation would do: he jumped on the burning table again.

Fans tried putting the fire out with beer (...), and eventually the man was extinguished as he slammed himself into the side of a Bills-painted bus.

The Bills are 7-8.

h/t @PLO1021