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John Oliver Makes Daily Fantasy Sports Commercial You'll Actually Want to Watch

You'll actually want to watch this daily fantasy sports commercial.

John Oliver is still OBLITERATING things on HBO on Sunday nights, and last night he turned his attention to daily fantasy sports. As he so often does in his incredulous manner, Oliver says the things we know to be true about daily fantasy sports, while also being funny. Daily fantasy sports are obviously gambling, and his fake ad—featuring Seth Rogen, the bearded guy from Silicon Valley, and a few other recognizable faces—touches on several of the, shall we say, less-than-savory aspects of the deal.

There's the guy who is clearly addicted to gambling who thinks he's going to win big any day now and bankroll a dream lifestyle. There's the guy who did win big, but then lost it all the next day. Or the guy who created an algorithm to beat the odds. As well as a couple of hapless guys who don't know what the hell they're doing but, hey, it's skill-based and free money, or something!