"That's a Bit of Pinprick": Cricket Commentator Continues Calling Match During His Own Vasectomy

A doctor was slicing into his balls while he called a cricket match.
February 1, 2017, 3:12pm

Pretty sure this is a first. Mike Lane, pictured above getting his scrotum sliced, is a member of New Zealand's Alternative Commentary Collective. The collective does exactly what it sounds like it does: provides a different sort of broadcast experience for cricket fans who aren't quite such sticks in the mud. During the the 2015 World Cup, for instance, they broadcast from an RV on the side of the pitch (until they lost accreditation because one of them walked onto the pitch, a big no-no).

So, these guys do stunts, but this seems extremely, uh, extreme. During this weekend's match between New Zealand and Australia, Lane was equipped with one phone streaming a feed to the match, and another phone so that he could transmit his play-by-play commentary. He was also accompanied by a camera person so that the whole thing could be streamed on Facebook Live. There was also a doctor separating his vas deferens from his testicles.

A representative bit of commentary:

[indecipherable cricket terminology and names] [modest chuckling at the the absurdity of the whole thing] [more indecipherable cricket terminology]…"and I can't feel my balls."

It's become customary here in the States for men to intentionally schedule their vasectomies to coincide with the NCAA tournament, so they can get time off work to actually watch. Frankly, it seems like a much better system on this hemisphere.

h/t Reddit