Tom Demac Goes B2B with Krankbrother about Day & Night


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Tom Demac Goes B2B with Krankbrother about Day & Night

Ahead of this weekend's party, we pitted DJ against DJ against DJ.
May 28, 2015, 11:05am

As soon as the sun looks like it might stay out for more than half an hour, 99% of the United Kingdom slap on a pair of Primark sunglasses and hop onto the nearest rooftop for beer and burger fuelled day parties that normally result in half the revellers nursing hangovers in front of The Chase while the others stay up for the next six days in a row.

This Saturday sees dance music's handiest chefs krankbrother take over the capital for a double-headed extravaganza that spans both night and day. The afternoon event takes place at the Corsica Studios affiliated Paperworks space and duo are joined on the terrace by everyone's favourite bespectacled radio presenter and all round font of dance music knowledge, Tim Sweeney, and Matt & Stu from London-based label Wolf Music.


After that, it's jackets on for a quick journey across town to Fire in Vauxhall where the action carries on till the early hours. If you've been good and not smashed down eight cans of premium continental lager then you'll be ready for sets by BPitch boss — and firm THUMP favourite — Ellen Allien, Ostgut Ton star Nick Höppner, and Aus man Tom Demac.

We've interviewed the brothers Krank before so we thought it'd be fun to get Tom Demac to step up for a conversational b2b with them ahead of the event. Oh, we then got krankbrother to interview Tom because we're generous like that.

Tom Demac (photo via Tom Demac)

Tom Demac: You guys threw some pretty legendary street raves a couple of years back, anything like that planned for this summer?
krankbrother:They were amazing parties if we may say so ourselves — pretty unique. They were also the most difficult parties we have ever held in terms of actually getting them licensed, but we are hopeful this year of doing another one! All will be revealed in due course (we hope!).

There aren't many DJ's that can say they run a restaurant alongside their career in clubs. It must be nice returning to your chefs latest taster menu after a hard weekend on the road? How do you readjust your palette after downing all the cheap booze on your rider?
There's nothing quite like returning from a crap European culinary destination to our head chef's food! The krankbrother office is actually in the back of our restaurant Beagle, so we're lucky enough to get fed up here almost every day. It's pretty wicked. We actually find there is quite a similar skill set in running restaurants to running events and it's a lot of fun doing both.


There's always a good dose of Italo in your music. Where did your love of the genre come about and end up influencing your productions?
We've got a pretty solid amount of italo in our home vinyl collections, and that has influenced the way we've approached our productions. I think it's an area of electronic music that has not been heavily sampled or explored by most modern electronic producers. Mostly because a lot of them are too busy sampling other house records or R&B from 5 years ago, because that's the limit of their knowledge! A lot of italo records sound just as relevant today as they did 30-35 years ago - I suspect we won't be saying the same thing about most dance music that is getting released in 2015 in 30-35 years time!

How can Kieran grow such an impressive beard when Danny looks like he's just hit puberty?
We're starting to suspect that our lack of physical similarities considering that we're brothers may be because our mum had a dangerous liaison with a Turkish postman or something….who knows?

krankbrother (photo via krankbrother)

krankbrother: We hear you've been spending lots of time in the studio at the moment - what are you working on and how is it going to differ from what we've heard from you before?
Tom Demac: Safe to say my creative mojo has returned after a couple of years of banging my head against the wall! I'm deep in the album writing process at the moment and probably about 3/4's of the way there with that. I've also been busy wrapping up plenty of remixes and there's an EP dropping on Hypercolour over the summer too.


You're known as a lover of all things analog - when did this love affair start and why?
It's difficult to avoid any cliches with this really — it sounds infinitely better than digital, the mistakes generally sound wonderful and it's a lot more fun twiddling nobs than it is clicking a mouse.

If you had to bring 5 pieces of studio kit to a desert island - what would you bring?
Korg Monopoly, Dave Smith Tempest, Memory Man delay pedal, water filter and a solar panel power generator. I think the last two would surely be the most important pieces. You didn't really think of survival factors when penning this Castaway themed interview question did you?

It'd also be really cool to have a few cast members of Ex On The Beach in a cage, I could laugh at their lack of intelligence or throw things at them occasionally, making the solitude a lot more pleasurable for sure.

You're playing live for us this weekend but you DJ as well. Which do you prefer and why?
It all depends on the venue really. There's nothing worse than a dry crowd that doesn't understand your live show, it take a few weeks to mentally recover from. I'm impartial, and enjoy both.

Who's your favourite krankbrother?
It's a tricky one, you're both weirdly inseparable.

Krankbrother's Day & Night party takes place this Saturday. Head here for tickets and extra information.