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It’s Valentines Day So Here’s a New Oscar Key Sung Song About the Absurdities of Love

Listen to 'Shallow' the first taste from Oscar Key Sung's debut album.

Love is a weird freaking beast and Valentines Day is even weirder. But today, whether you find yourself deep in romantic bliss or deep in the sofa, alone, with a half bottle of shiraz and Parks and Recreation, you need to hear Oscar Key Sung's latest single "Shallow".

Released on Good Manners records, "Shallow" is the first taste of what Oscar has been creating between his home in Melbourne and Los Angeles and continues his explorations of RnB and euphoric pop.


As Oscar says, "This song is about a type of love that even though it is constantly bringing up adversity, you simply can't turn away from it. Some absurd force draws you to each other. I am interested in this because it is so perplexing, I want to understand but rationally I can't."

Translation - "Love can wreck your head."

Oscar has been busy playing as part of the Avalanches' live band and he will soon be making the trip to Austin to perform at South By Southwest. He also plays in Melbourne at Boney on Feb 24 alongside Clark (Warp Records) at the first edition of new club night Hold Tight.

'Shallow' is available now on Good Manners.

Image: James Robinson