Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! It's the Year of the Rooster | GIF Six-Pack

It's only right that an obnoxious, aggressive male animal with bad hair is emblematic of 2017.
January 27, 2017, 2:21pm

It's almost too perfect that 2017 is the Chinese Zodiac's year of the rooster. It's the first day that the loud, showboating, aggressive, but none too intelligent creature dominates the stars, mirroring the one dominating American political conversation and threatening China in the process.

While techinically it's the year of the rooster, we're equal opportunity here at GIF Six-Pack, so here's a flock of rooster AND hen GIFs. Laugh at Dunken K. Bliths' wannabe flamingo, coo at Agatha Yu's cute, bulging hen, and guffaw at NMA TV's inexplicably weird chicken dwelling in some sort of intestine.


The next three years of the Chinese Zodiac are the dog, the pig, and the rat, so that gives you an idea of how the rest of this presidency is going, if you believe in these sorts of things. In the meantime, peep the chickens below.

Agatha Yu

Max Halley


Dunken K. Bliths

Tom Scotcher

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