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Witness The Most Insane LEGO Machine Ever Built

Rube Goldberg would be proud of this amalgamation of his famous machines.

Supposedly, there are limits to what you can build with LEGO pieces, but creations like the one above cast doubt on the idea that these boundaries exist. YouTube user Akiyuky spent 600 hours building this Great Ball Contraption, whose prime purpose, aside from wowing the hell out of anyone who sees it, is moving a stream of miniature sports balls about 100 feet in the most complicated way possible.

Stemming from the form and spirit of Rube Goldberg machines, the concept behind the Great Ball Contraption is building such a machine using only LEGO pieces. What’s even more incredible, is that in the seven-something minutes of this video, we never see the same component of the massive machine twice. It just goes on and on and on, grinding and twisting and passing and switching balls, balls, and more balls. Mesmerizing.

See some of the sections of this magnificent project below.