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Drone-Delivered 3D-Printed Portrait Sculptures Could Be In Vogue At Burning Man

Design collective ReAllocate want to bring 3D printed portraiture and UAV couriers to the desert festival.

There’s quite a lot that can mess with your mind at Burning Man and to that long list you can add an art project called Blue Sky from ReAllocate. The project aims to scan, 3D print, and then deliver via drone your very own personalized 3D sculpture.

The idea is that festival goers high on life will wander into the ReAllocate base—which takes the form of shipping containers with a dome on top—and get their bodies and face scanned with the Kinect while striking a fun-loving good-times festival pose. Then, instead of waiting around for the product, they’ll get sent back into the festival with a GPS transponder and a drone will track them down and deliver their sculpture when it’s ready.

Problems may arise when people forget that they went into the tent to get the 3D print done in the first place—what started out as some harmless fun and an interesting souvenir might cause festival-goers to fall into a paranoid nightmare where they think they’re being chased by a government drone for no reason. So if you want to help freak out ravers in the Nevada desert, the project’s looking for funding over at Indiegogo.

[via Wired]