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Doseone Directs His Own Spooky Claymation Music Video

“Thy Pattern” revisits the nonsensical fortune telling game, MASH.
June 22, 2012, 7:32pm

Doseone‘s new album G is for Deep dropped recently, and for the first video off the album, Doseone took the reigns himself, directing the half-claymation, half-MASH romp himself. You remember MASH, right? It’s that arbitrary fortune-telling game you used to play on the school bus where you’d either get paired up with your crush and placed in a mansion, or you’d get that kid who eats boogers and you’d live in a shack. The image of the game is one of Doseone’s typically evocative references, reflecting on a simpler yet somehow gloomy time when your fortune rested on random scratches in a notebook. Plus, look out for more multicolored mosaic akin to his album cover.

For the release of G is for Deep, we premiered an exclusive mix curated by Dose himself and mixed by us. Check that out here. Below, see some screenshots of the video.