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Kick Off 2017 With 164 Minutes of Rock ’N Roll Raunch From Crypt Records

The legendary label has released a nasty two-hour, middle-fingered salute of wild punk and garage rock.

2016 has been one of the most shit house years ever. Crypt Records has been one of most shit hot labels ever. The legendary garage punk label, founded by Tim Warren in 1983, is best known for the Back From The Grave series of 1960s garage punk compilations, as well releasing records from the likes of New Bomb Turks, the Lazy Girls, The Gories, The Oblivions and Japan's Teengenerate.

In the mid-90s, the label released a couple of cheap samplers to showcase a growing catalogue and list of artists. Warren and Crypt have just released a digital era update of these samplers in the form of a two hour spew of some of the rawest and nastiest music from Crypt bands operating from 1987 - 2004.


A note from Warren that comes with the mix includes:

"FUCK this new Trump world and lay the fuck off the acid and weed, kids: high-octane rebellion is what's needed now, not a motherfucking hippy nod-off. Nor goddamned Green Day etc "alt" crap."

So we suggest you start your New Years party at 10:30 tonight and kick off with this 164-minute garage rock jam.

Image: Teengenerate (Wikipedia)