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Bjørn Torske's New Reissues Are the Holy Grail of Norwegian Dance Music

The cult-favorite helped inspire artists like Todd Terje, Prins Thomas and Lindstrøm.

As one of the early progenitors of the Norwegian disco sound, one that's recently been brought to new heights in the wake of Todd Terje's monumental album release It's Album Time,  Bjørn Torske's is helping to keep the breezy, synth-laden sound in our hearts and minds. As an early cult favorite in the genre, Torske has released on seminal labels like Ferox and Telle. Now we've gotten word that his first two albums Nedi Myra and Trøbbel (both have been out of print and unavailable online since the late 90s) are to be reissued on the Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound.


His synthesis of now-classic Detroit and Chicago sounds into dub-laden psychedelic disco landscapes helped pave the way for artists like Terje, Prins Thomas, and Lindstrøm, to name a few. In fact, Terje cites Nedi Myra as one of his earliest influences; noting that Torske was the first time he "listened to disco in a non-ironic way."

Stream one of the album cuts "Eight Years" above, and maybe you'll soon be inspired to make a synthy masterpiece of your own!