Watch Will Smith Fight Elves, Orcs and Other Weird Shit in the New Trailer for 'Bright'


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Watch Will Smith Fight Elves, Orcs and Other Weird Shit in the New Trailer for 'Bright'

The Netflix produced fantasy cop movie is directed by 'Suicide Squad'’s David Ayer

Will Smith reunites with his Suicide Squad director David Ayer for this Netflix-produced fantasy action movie about vampires, I think? But also lizard killers? But also zombies. And maybe Orcs. Netflix is notorious for releasing very short, very vague teaser trailers and Bright's is no different. But with Ayer and Max Landis behind the story it will definitely be front-loaded with violence and drama and tension. Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace co-star.


The Dinner
Hot tip for the trailer makers of the world, it's supposed to be a tease, not a full synopsis of the entire movie. Hmm ok so Steve Coogan is fed up with his narcissistic brother (played by Richard Gere) and refuses to attend his bougie family dinner. Laura Linney, as Coogan's wife, insists they go because reservations at the pumpkin restaurant are hard to get. But wait, is there more to this dinner than meets the eye? Ohhh Coogan and Linney's son burned down a hookah store with a basketball and it's on YouTube? Gere knows about it? He wants to rat them out? Coogan won't let him because he loves his son? The family will be torn apart? A second tragedy occurs? Moral lines are blurred? Fade to black?

Dammit, I'm a true sucker for a movie about a young child with a creature for a best friend. Lord take me, I'm crying already. Okja is the latest film by Bong Joon-Ho, writer and director of Snowpiercer (one of my fave movies of recent years) and his first for Netflix. It's about a little girl who befriends a strange creature and must eventually save him from the multi-national company that created him. Tilda Swinton stars as the scientist behind the monster.

The Promise
I'm going to be honest this doesn't look like a movie I really want to ever see. But here it is. Set in the last days of the Ottoman empire, The Promise stars Oscar Isaac as an Armenian medical student in Constantinople (now Istanbul) at the start of the Armenian genocide. He falls in love with Ana, a fellow Armenian who is already dating an AP reporter played by Christian Bale. It's a love triangle. It's a war movie. It seems really long.

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