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The NHS loses thousands of documents, there's a fiasco at the Oscars, Mars needs its own lawyers, and much more.

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Prognosis Misplaced
Thousands of patients are feared to have been harmed after the NHS lost more than half a million pieces of confidential medical correspondence, including test results and treatment plans. More than 500,000 pieces of patient data sent between GPs and hospitals went undelivered over the five years from 2011 to 2016. – Guardian

Compassionate Conservatism
A key aide to Theresa May is under fire for saying that disability benefits should go to "really disabled people", as opposed to those "taking pills at home, who suffer from anxiety". Labour has called the comments "an insult to disabled people". – BBC


Hard Brexit Gets Harder
Theresa May will end rights given to EU nationals under freedom of movement rules when she triggers Article 50 next month. A government source has said that if the rights are not ended, "half of Romania and Bulgaria" might come to the UK before Brexit. – Independent

Surprise Deportation
A woman who has been married to a British man for 27 years has been deported to Singapore. Irene Clennel was held in a Scottish detention centre and has now told the BBC she has been sent back to her country of origin without warning. – BBC


Visa Cancellation in Vogue
Informal talks between the USA and North Korea scheduled for next week have been cancelled after the Trump administration withdrew its initial approval of the North Koreans' visas. The withdrawal is thought to be a result of the suspected assassination of Kim Jong-un's brother in Malaysia last week. – CNN

Mosul Offensive
US-backed Iraqi forces have pushed deeper into western Mosul, aiming to capture a bridge across the Tigris which would link the city's government-held eastern bank with the ongoing offensive against remaining militants in the west. – Reuters

Nemtsov Anniversary
Thousands have marched in Moscow to mark the second anniversary of the assassination of outspoken opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. Five Chechen men are on trial for his murder, but his family says the real culprits who ordered the killing may never be identified. – ABC


And the Oscars Go to… Not 'La La Land'
The Academy Awards were held overnight in Hollywood. If you haven't heard that Best Picture went to La La Land, only for the award to be declared a mistake, you should click this link. – VICE


A 16-Year-Old Beats the Alt-Right
Did a 16-year-old Canadian girl take down alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos? The conservative poster child experienced a fall from grace when video emerged of him appearing to rationalise paedophilia. The video was unearthed by the teenager once she heard he'd been invited to speak at CPAC. – Vox

Soliciting Martians
If we're going to colonise Mars, we're going to need physicists, biologists, engineers… and lawyers. The geopolitics of a new world and the governance of space is going to cause some complicated new problems when we head to the stars. – FiveThirtyEight

Non-Homeopathic Crystals
Physicists have made a new phase of matter called a time crystal, but what does this mean? Here is the simplest, most accurate explanation of this complicated, exciting scientific breakthrough. – Motherboard

Oscars So Male
The Oscars may be becoming more inclusive and representative, yet men still dominate 80 percent of non-acting nominations. Four women in the movie business tell us why industry prejudice remains so insidious. –  Broadly