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Soak Up the Feels with the Lead Tune From Mark Barrott and Gerd Janson's Collaborative 12"

The esteemed house-heads have joined forces as Talamanca System.

International Feel founder Mark Barrott and Running Back co-owner/Panorama Bar resident/all-around boss—Gerd Janson—are for lack of a better word, veterans. As DJs, tastemakers, hosts, and producers, the pair have both had their own intriguing paths through the scene. Now they are carving a new detour into their windy travels, joining forces for a collaborative 12" under the name Talamanca System. Consisting of a new original tune—"Balanzat"—and three remixes (one of which is by another Janson side project with Phillip Lauer, Tuff City Kids), the release has been over a year in the making and legend has it was birthed after a midnight dinner party at Barrott's Ibizan hideaway in the summer of 2013. We don't know everything that took place at this moonlit soiree but the outcome—a breathtaking tune of shimmering Balearic house layered with a warm and cozy bassline—is pretty much all you need in life right now.


David is lost in the feels right now. @DLGarber