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Our Favorite Enamel Pins of the Week: #7

Featuring new pins from Lil Bullies Club, Ball & Chain Society, Feral Social, Rent Your Plants, Hypist, and an exclusive 20% off discount code from Strike Gently Co.

New pin, designed for by @satoshikurosaki  20% off orders of $30+ with code THANKS #pingame #pins

A photo posted by @strikegentlyco on Mar 15, 2016 at 12:51pm PDT

As the founder of Strike Gently Co, I deal in pins and patches on a daily basis. The Creators Project asked me to pull together a weekly roundup of the best newly-released pins. Most of these will probably sell out. If you like them, smash that “add to cart” button. Every Wednesday, you can head to the bottom of this article for an exclusive discount code so you can keep your pin game sharp.  


Spring has sprung. Denim jackets have turned into denim vests, or, for the true patricians, leather vests. I’m not cool enough to wear any sort of vest and so I’ll have to find something else to put all of these pins on, because they’re really fantastic. Week by week I’m continually stoked by the ingenuity and creative energy of all of these little companies. Go support them, young fashionistas! Spend your FUN money on pins instead of supporting oppressive South American regimes!

Lil Bullies Club

These are running low and not sure if we are going to bring them back when they are gone. Make sure to pick one up soon if you've wanted one. Click the link in our bio to join the Club! #PinGame #LilBulliesClub FREE US SHIPPING

A photo posted by BULLIES CLUB (@lilbulliesclub) on Jan 23, 2016 at 10:10am PST

You can have die-cast pins made of just about any reasonably sized object. Supreme did middle finger pins once. But why not replicate a bar of Xanax for people to show off in gold on their lapel? It’s sort-of the ultimate millennial gift: an imagistic presentation of recreational pharmaceutical use. Hey, it’s what we were raised on…

$8.00 here.

Ball & Chain Society

The worldwide skull lapel pin. Only $6.99 + Free US Shipping. Shop now —>

A photo posted by BALL & CHAIN CO. (@ballandchainsociety) on Mar 15, 2016 at 4:43pm PDT

Ball & Chain are an anomaly because they consistently put out some of the best pins and patches available in the world and yet manage to also be one of the lowest-priced shops I’ve seen yet. Many of their designs draw from tattoo imagery but also the rich art historical lineage of the macabre… The darker, the better. Grab this perfect pin and check out some of their other stuff.


$6.99 here.

Feral Social

Thanks for all the orders everyone Everything will be shipped next week. If you order $55 and up, enter DIMEBAG at check out for $10 off. Have a good weekend. #reaper #yinyang #peace #lapelpin #grimreaper #limitededition #pingame #losangeles #springbreak

A photo posted by Feral Social (@feral_social) on Mar 11, 2016 at 12:11pm PST

Feral Social’s goods are for the pin connoisseur who doesn’t mind spending slightly more for beautiful stuff that’s pushing the boundaries of pins and helping collectively to make the trend more than just a trend. As I’ve said before, these are tiny works of art. One of the goals of design was to bring art back into the people’s hands. Enamel pins are literally made using, yes, enamel. You’re buying a tiny painting by a tiny artist. It’s worth it when it’s good.

$12.00 here.

Rent Your Plants

Calvin's way pin from @rentyourplants  Forever and ever and ever and ever…. Available through his online store! #calvin #tumblr #internetart #illustrator #illustration #design #designer #art #artist #graphicart #graphicartist #graphicdesign #pin #pins #enamelpin #enamelpins #lapelpin #lapelpins #pingame #pinlife #pinlord #patchgame #hatpin #hatpins #softenamel #pinsofig #stickerart

A photo posted by Pin Lord (@pin_lord) on Mar 15, 2016 at 11:01am PDT

This wouldn’t be a good article without some pointed post-internet ironic commentary on America’s visual value system, right? Rent Your Plants makes weird vaporwave-type art but also has a shop where they occasionally sell products like this, a bootleg of a bootleg of every pickup truck driver's favorite bumper sticker. That’s the beauty of Calvin—you can buy a bumper sticker of him pissing on anything. Doesn’t matter if it’s Trump or Bernie, gun rights or hippies. Calvin’s the great equalizer. Rent Your Plants, ever Nietzschean, questions this and asks us poignantly, “What if Calvin is really just pissing on another Calvin?” Truly remarkable.


$6.00 here.


Enamel Safe Word pin, store link in bio #pin #pins #lapelpins #enamelpins #enamelpin #pingame #pinhead #pinheads #pinlife #pinlord #pinoftheday #pincommunity

A photo posted by Hypist ™ ( on Feb 26, 2016 at 4:34am PST

Thanks to Japan and skateboarding, BDSM is now beloved by punks and hypebeasts alike. Hypist just released this wonderful bondage-inspired pin that echoes Drake as much as it does Araki. I mostly love their Instagram, where they post pictures of their pins of various branded products and then ironically thank those same brands in their posts. Millennial seal of approval.

$10.00 here.

This week’s discount code is SPRUNG. Use it on Strike Gently Co’s site for 20% off any order. Stay tuned next week for five new pins and a new special secret code.


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