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Here's Your Chance to Help Build a Giant Pencil Sculpture

Booooooom and Tangible Interaction want you to help make 'LINE SEGMENTS,' a crowdsourced sculpture for Internet Age Media Weekend.
GIF by Becky Chung

You might be miles away from Barcelona, but you can still have a hand in the construction of a sculpture. To create LINE SEGMENTS, the crowdsourced project by Booooooom and Tangible Interaction for the upcoming Internet Age Media Weekend, pencils submitted from all around the world will be affixed together with special 3D-printed connectors, resulting in a massive abstract artwork.

“Our vision for this project is to allow the visitors to decide what form our sculpture takes,” writesBooooooom founder Jeff Hamada. “The connectors we have built will allow the pencils to connect to one another in an infinite number of variations, creating an organic, web-like shape.”


Gallerygoers are encouraged to bring their contributions with them, and those who are unable to visit the work in person, can send it via snail mail instead (see detailed instructions here). During their weeklong residency, Hamada and his team plan to capture a timelapse of the sculpture’s evolution. After dismantling the work, all of the pencils will be donated to an art-related program in Barcelona. Below, see a demonstration of how LINE SEGMENTS will be constructed:


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