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The Simpsons' Couch Gag: Now in Virtual Reality

Designer Miles Johnston put the Simpsons living room inside the Simpsons living room for his new Oculus Rift hack, 'HomerTheater.'
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The Simpsons' classic couch gag has introduced the animated sitcom for over 25 years. Now, you can watch TV alongside Homer himself, thanks to an Oculus Rift hack by designer Miles Johnston. By switching out the graphics for his headset's Virtual Desktop, Johnston can crack open a Duff and watch the tube next to a 3D Homer Simpson. He says the proof-of-concept, HomerTheater, is currently a work-in-progress, but experiencing it is already more meta than that time Homer traveled into another dimension. Watch the full experience, including the first few scenes from The Simpsons episode, "Waiting for Duffman," in the video below.


Visit Miles Johnston's YouTube page for more videos.


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