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A Kinetic Sea of Flowers Blooms in Tokyo

TeamLab suspends a garden of 2,300 flowers at the Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

A kinetic flower garden hangs in Tokyo, parting before visitors as sensors detect their movements, and closing behind them as they walk through. Created by the innovative experience designers at teamLab at the Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, where Damon Albarn previously performed an acoustic concert for androids, the suspended sea of 2,300 flowers known as Floating Flower Garden – Flowers and I are of the same root, the Garden and I are one creates a dome of open space to guide museumgoers through its mass of vegetation. As different wanderers meet within the installation, their domes converge to create larger open spaces.


"In this interactive floating flower garden viewers are immersed in flowers, and become completely one with the garden itself," teamLab describes the experience on their website. It's like a plant-based Rain Room, providing an otherwise impossible glimpse of nature through the combination of movement and spectacle. Check out Floating Flower Garden – Flowers and I are of the same root, the Garden and I are one in action below: 

Visit teamLab's website for more beautiful installations.

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